Quarantine Day 19- Affirming my identity

It is common to use labels to refer to people.

Do you remember the one who studied with you? The fatty. The skinny. The blond. The one with glasses. The one with the big eyes. ”

The physical appearance is the first label that we are placed in life. But we want to divert attention to other aspects of ourselves as we grow and we can do it on many occasions.

“I ran into Wanda. The one who is a lawyer. The one who is a doctor. The one who studied the doctorate with Juan. The one who is the bank manager. The one that is influential in social networks. ”

But sometimes we are labeled by those around us on a daily basis.

“Antonio’s wife Lola, Paco’s daughter Maria, Santiago’s sister Carmelita.”

And no matter how hard you try, people always end up tagging you. So, we continue to strive to maintain the labels we like and to achieve the ones we long for. And I’m not talking about having goals in life. I mean what defines your identity.

In these moments of social distancing so unexpected, but necessary, we can feel lost because at home our labels do not apply. There are people who may feel that they are not doing anything productive or who feel that they are not feeling well being at home, such as being purposeless.

Let me remind you that your identity is defined by God. Your true identity is defined by the relationship you have with Him.

There is no greater honor than being called children of God. Your value is protected, not by the stock market, not by how the economy is and it is definitely not protected by what others think of you. Your worth is protected by the creator of the universe, of the heavens and the earth, and the only one who is Almighty.

This time of isolation provides you with the opportunity to meditate on the Scriptures and reaffirm your identity in the Lord. If you don’t have a personal relationship with God yet, this is the best time to do it.

God is love but I love that he works with us individually. He has a plan for each of us. Although we join the church, where the church is defined as each child of God, He sees and listens to each of us personally.

Drop and remove from you all the labels that make you exhausted and carry alone, the one that gives you rest and eternal life. Meditate today on the blessing of being a child of God.

Let us pray to the Lord giving thanks for his redemption and adoption. May we reflect and meditate on the identity that we have in Him. What defines us does not change or perish.

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