There’s joy in being the framework and not the landscape

I love interior decorating programs! From there I take many ideas to decorate our house.

It is interesting to see how a room can take on another personality only because of the way you decorate it.

I was watching a competition between interior designers in England. They chose different scenarios and structures to develop challenges for them.

One of the challenges that caught my attention was to decorate some rooms in houses that were originally for fishermen on the banks of a bay. Those houses that have their particular history, attract everyone’s attention with a palette of bright colors that are the complement to the beauty of the bay.

I attach here a photo of the place so you can view it. The landscape is beautiful and the houses simply provide a framework that contains and highlights the natural landscape.

The houses in that place would not look so splendidly if they did not have the bay and those sunsets that are reflected in the water.

We are like the houses of the bay. God chose us, formed us and calls us for his work but we are a simple framework that should highlight the glory of God.

We could not shine without God’s presence in our lives. Everything we are is for his name to be glorified. We were created to praise his glory.

The closer we are to Him, the more we can reflect his character, his love and be witnesses for what we believe: a God who is real and continues to work and transform lives today.

As he says in John 15, apart from him we can do nothing. We must begin by presenting in prayer everything we are going to do in our day.

There is nothing better than living through the joy of the Lord when we are working according to his will. There is nothing that makes us look better than being instruments for showing his glory.

It is a privilege to be the framework and not the bay.

Pray to the Lord giving thanks for his presence in our lives. May it help us to be humble before Him so that his name may be exalted and his glory may be seen by those who need him. May we experience the joy of being His instruments to complete the purpose for which we were called.

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