So, what can we do now?

I have seen on social networks several jokes or memes about what should we do between Christmas and New Year? There are about five days in between while we arrive on New Year’s Eve. We are on a holiday and celebration occasion and we look forward to another day of celebration and holiday, and the question remains: “What do we do while we wait?

Some people are enjoying vacations, others make their parties, and others are working. Perhaps a few are beginning preparations for the celebrations of that day.

These statements remind me of our life as Christians.

We have received Jesus Christ as our only savior, believing through the gift of faith that we are sinners, and that his sacrifice on the cross, as an act of love and grace, allows us to be cleansed from sin and redeemed by his blood, to Be called children of God.

Now we have a new life. Now we wait for the day when Jesus Christ will meet his church again and this earthly body will be transformed into a glorified body to live in eternity under the radiance of God’s glory.

But many times we act like those waiting for the New Year. What do we do at that time while we wait for the coming of Christ or our rest from this world?

Similarly, some appear to be on vacation, others have created their own entertainment, others are very busy working, and a few are in the preparations necessary for that moment.

As the apostle Paul says to the Romans, we have not only received grace but the apostolate, the call to bring the gospel to the nations. As a church, we must work to bring the good news of salvation to others. When the number of those who are to be saved is completed, then the day of our Lord Jesus Christ will come.

We were redeemed, and we have also received a call, a purpose. Each of us has a unique purpose that goes hand in hand with the unique gifts and talents the Lord has given us.

We must seize the times and believe in the greatness of the gospel that we have received from which we are not ashamed because it is the power of God. It is time to focus on His will for our lives and let’s begin a new year, thanks to his grace, love, and mercy, rejoicing in living according to our call and purpose.

Let’s not just serve in the temple, which is very necessary. Let’s be intentional wherever we go. Announce the good news of salvation.

Pray: Beloved God, through Jesus Christ we come to you asking for forgiveness for the time we lose and the excuses we present to you so as not to spread your gospel to others. Help us to do your will and be directed by you. Amen.

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