Quarantine-Day 5

New day, same situation, new challenges.

Our humanity does not provide us with peace. We may find our intelligence and abilities as amazing, and of course! God created them, God endowed us with them. But we do not have the innate ability to supply us with peace.

So we seek Peace in the things we see around us. We seek peace in a new loving relationship, in friendly relationships, in a successful job, in being popular where we move or achieving fame beyond our environment.

We also seek peace in material goods, and comforts, in being respected or reaching positions of recognition and power in society. And all these things seem to provide us with the peace we seek, but it is only temporary.

When problems arise in our lives, such as broken relationships, that we see ourselves alone and with a wounded heart, being alone, makes each wound so obvious within us like they are screaming out loud. If our interior is not at peace, we cannot experience it.

So we have already achieved the goals we set for ourselves, and now what? There we did not find our peace there either.

We have bought all possible comforts and traveled to remote destinations, but alone, in our room, we do not find peace.

There come days like these where our greatest distractions, such as going out to work, and social hanging out, meetings, cannot occur, so anxiety arrives. The peace that we thought we had found is gone.

Christ bought our peace at the price of his bloodshed on Calvary’s cross. It is in that eternal life, which begins from the moment we are born in Him, still here in this world, that we can begin to experience true peace.

It is possible to have peace in the middle of a war, or a pandemic. Jesus warned us of the woes of this world and leads us to live one day at a time, supported by his hand, and guided by his Holy Spirit.

And it is possible, even for Christians, to experience anxiety. But peace it’s always there, it’s always available. God does not move from His place, we move away from Him, but He always waits for us, in love, to turn around and run to Him.

Let us pray to the Lord giving everything that causes us anxiety or fear. May we remember that He is our peace, and His plans help well.

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