Quarantine-Day 9 Let’s Write!

We have many ways to communicate, and writing is one of them.

What I really like about writing is that we can not only write to others, but to ourselves. What we put in writing certainly transcends time.

That is why we make the contracts in writing, sales, what we want to remember later, and what we want to let out.

This time of quarantine provides us with a great opportunity to be able to carry out new tasks and deepen our spiritual life.

It is helpful to write what the Lord is revealing to us through Scripture study and prayer. Those notes that we leave printed can serve as a balm for other moments in our future.

For me, the fact that God wanted to give us the Bible is a wonderful thing. The Bible contains in writing, available at any time, everything we should know about God and his glory. And I can see how all my life fits into that plan of love that God traced from before the foundation of the world to the redemption in Jesus Christ where we will see him reigning in glory and majesty.

They say that the words “are blown away by the wind”, but we can share with the next generations our acquired teachings, our life experiences and still provide advice. What we write transcends for better or for worse. We have a great responsibility since these days, probably the most we write we capture on social networks and others try to read who we are through what we leave printed in our letters.

It is time to take notes and write what you truly want to transcend generations. Use this time to dedicate yourself to writing, even if it is only for you, and then you can sit down to read how much you have grown and how long you have traveled sustained by the hand of God.

Let us pray to the Lord giving thanks for His Word embodied in the Bible and the great blessing of being able to read and treasure it at any time. May what we write transcend to give glory to God and minister to others.

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