My building blocks

We are constantly building and edifying in our lives. We build a future after we finish school. We build new goals, new dreams, and plans. We build a home. We build a work environment to earn the necessary livelihood. We build relationships of love, friendship, and cordiality.

We build with the foundations we know. We are laying brick by brick.

We can be Christians and know God’s Word, and yet our first instinct is to build on what we have learned in life. We see as a foundation what we learned from our parents as our role models, although we are not always aware of it.

In a marriage, at the workplace, in a relationship, we are going to bring different fundamentals, different experiences, and different building blocks. All of these collide with each other. They keep working in parallel but never meet to get to a middle ground.

The foundation that can lead us to build together is the Word of God. God’s will leads us to walk in the same direction. This is something we should talk about and discuss so as not to leave it to chance. “Can two walk together, except they are agreed?” Amos 3: 3

All of us at some point have fought to defend the building blocks that we carry. Let’s change little by little what we bring for truths and principles of the Word. We will be building on the rock to have structures that will last forever and glorify God.

Let us pray to the Lord to help us identify what foundation we are building on. May he help us to renew our understanding through the Word and to be able to renounce blocks that we have used and defended for a long time that are not consistent with his will.

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